Jury Duty

We all have busy lives and receiving that call about jury duty can seem like a huge inconvenience. But just for one second, think about this right, this privilege that you are given. I recently called the office of the Kansas Bar Association. Alana Seelbach, the receptionist, answered the phone. We have known each other for
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We’re All In This Together

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma remind us that we are pretty small and fragile when it comes to a natural disaster. A hurricane doesn’t care what your political beliefs are or how much money you have or whether you have Jesus on speedial. The sheer power and force is awesome and humbling and not much
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Docket Day

In the rural Kansas counties, the District Judge will travel to the small counties in the district usually once a month. Routine business is handled on a “docket” where the Judge will call the docket, case by case, and the lawyers will inform the judge of the status of the case. Minor hearings might also
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Prayers for the McCullough Family

Everyday I read about negligent driving and trucking accidents on the Florida highways. I know I’m not alone in seeing the abundence of these stories, I may just be more sensitive to it because I help people who have been involved in these types of accidents. This story is heartbreaking. Three people were killed in
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