Are we any safer?

I just returned from a three-day trucking conference in Texas where I furthered my education on truck accident cases. Often the most serious and even fatal injuries happen when people tangle with a semi-truck. Therefore, I need to know everything I can about trucks and traumatic injuries. I have spent a good part of the last five
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Dodge City’s 150th Birthday!

This year Dodge City celebrates its 150th birthday. 150 years of buffalo, gunfighters, and the rise of the cattle trade. Irrigation, feedlots, meat packing, dairies and now a cheese plant. Dodge City now has over 27,000 residents and is a testament to entrepreneurship and diversity. In my memory, however, what sticks out in the history of
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The Country Lawyers take on ‘Tailgating’

If tailgating involves your favorite team, a cold one and grilled anything, it’s a good thing. If it involves driving, its bad. Tailgating, by definition, not only makes you a jerk, but a real threat to the person in front of you. You won’t be able to stop if any number of things happen that
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Abundance of Trucks on the Road?

You aren’t seeing things. There are definitely more trucks on the road and that trend will continue. Most of what we buy and consume moves by truck and, with online shopping becoming the norm, there are more trucks needed to deliver goods. Here in Dodge City and Western Kansas, we have our world-class agricultural products that
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The Country Lawyer Makes Peace With Zoom

We have crossed the two-year mark in the pandemic and many things are back to normal. Toilet paper is plentiful and masks go on sale around Halloween. We knew we would get through it and that’s what we told ourselves about Zoom: this too shall pass! In the early days, courthouses were closed and we
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