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Bringing in the Experts

I don’t hesitate with bringing in the experts, the success of many personal injury cases hinge upon expert opinions. Personal injury cases often involve unique situations that can be difficult when trying to prove certain situations or quantify damages. Experts play a wide variety of roles in different types of cases so when I have a case that needs expertise to determine a fact or answer a question, I bring in the experts.

I am currently working on a trip and fall case. I need to explain to the jury how my client tripped over an item in the store aisle. The big box retail store defendant argues that the item left in the aisle was “open and obvious” to anyone walking down the aisle. They say my client must not have been paying attention or she would have seen the item in the aisle.

So, how do I explain our side of the story and connect with the jury? How could someone not see something left in the aisle? This is when I bring in the experts. In this particular case, I have retail safety experts explain why certain industry standards are employed to ensure safety within the store. Retail safety experts are familiar with the different industry standards for retail stores. They know how wide the aisle should be. They know each company’s unique practices, policies, safety manuals and employee training procedures. They are also familiar with the American National Standards Institute (NSI) guidelines that apply to big box retailers. The experts know the facts of particular settings, interpret the information in the situation and help lay the groundwork for the case.

Expert testimony is an important part of personal injury cases and can have a significant impact on settlement negotiations and trial results, that’s why I never hesitate to bring in the experts.

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