We will always protect your interests and guide you in the right direction. We would be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. We are ready to help.

We are the Lawyer’s Lawyer. 90% of our cases are referred to us by other lawyers who have confidence that we can do the job and do it right.

We are a small firm because we want to take cases and be certain that we can give each case our utmost attention. Working in a smaller setting, you can rest assured that your attorney will be involved in every aspect of your case.

We have tried and settled multi-million dollar cases. We can provide references upon request.

Choosing the right attorney is an important decision. We are experienced attorneys with a strong reputation and we take cases only if we believe we can help. We strongly encourage you to do your research; you should feel good about a law firm’s experience, track record and reputation in the legal community. Schedule a consultation with us. You will see firsthand that we practice law skillfully and ethically and our clients are paramount to our practice and we will treat you as such. Your case becomes OUR case. We won’t promise what we can’t deliver.

We don’t know if we can take your case until we talk with you and evaluate your case. First consultations are always free. We will only take a case if we feel 100% confident that we can handle it. YOU decide if you want us to take the case.

We will take a case, large or small, if we think we can help. When we receive a call regarding a potential case, we must review the information to ensure that the size of the case will justify our time commitment. When we agree to take a case, we see it through to conclusion and attempt to maximize recovery for your financial, emotional and physical strains.

If you have ever received a notice in the mail regarding a class action lawsuit, you may have a class action case. Or maybe you hear an advertisement about something that has affected you or a family member, again, you may have a class action lawsuit. If you believe you’ve been affected, we will help you navigate the situation. It never hurts to call and ask about a possible case. We are here to help.

You will have no out-of-pocket costs when you hire Rebein Brothers to represent you. Our lawyers do not charge fees up front. Instead, you will be charged on a contingency fee basis, which means that if you win your case, the lawyer will be entitled to a percentage of your award or recovery.

We will keep you well informed of all major happenings in your case. In some instances, meetings are important but we do communicate as much as possible by phone, email or text messaging. When we agree to take your case, we will also agree upon the best method of communication for both parties.

Every case is different and an experienced lawyer will be able to give you a general guideline as to how long your case may take to resolve. Generally speaking, the more complex the case, the longer it can take. Many disputed issues can play into the time line of your case. On average, a case takes about two years from beginning to end.

Our attorneys help individuals or families through the medical and legal issues that arise when a person is seriously injured or killed due to the fault of another. While the most common examples of personal injury cases involve car, truck and motorcycle wrecks, we also handle accidents caused by fire, electrocution or unsafe conditions. If you have a question as to whether you have a case, give us a call today. An attorney will review your case and let you know whether or not you have any legal basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit.