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Important Insights from the Truck Accident Attorney Symposium

ATAA Annual Symposium

We were able to attend the first ever virtual meeting of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA). The ATAA adopted a digital format of the annual trucking symposium, which allowed the attorneys at our firm to participate and collaborate during the week-long meeting. An interactive online portal and remote technology made it possible to join hundreds of attorneys across the nation to discuss case experiences, legal developments, and new issues unique to trucking cases.

There were two significant takeaways from the presentations on legal issues and developments in trucking cases.

  1. While new safety technology is developed every year, many trucking companies still refuse to purchase or install safety devices that would prevent serious and fatal crashes. Driving technology for commercial trucks gets better and cheaper every year, yet the desire to save a small amount of money in exchange for public safety continues to be a significant problem in the trucking industry. During the 2020 ATAA symposium, several industry experts discussed technological advances and legal developments relating to the failure of motor carriers to install safety technology that could prevent the occurrence rate and severity of trucking accidents.
  2. There has never been a more important time to fight for the rights of those injured in truck accidents. Training programs, safety technology, and tracking software are widely available—yet trucking companies continue to cut corners and put the public at risk. Thankfully, both state and federal governmental agencies have greater access to digital safety records and can respond to document requests in a much more efficient manner than ever before. As a result, victims of trucking crashes have greater access to key safety information and background reports about trucking companies that provide key evidence in trucking cases.

Overall, the ATAA symposium confirmed, again, that trucking cases involve highly technical issues and evolving legal challenges. Rebein Brothers continues to work closely with trucking experts, monitor technological developments, and fight to advance the legal rights of those injured in trucking crashes.

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