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Judges – Giving Credit Where Credit is Due


A Western Kansas Judge will see a lot of humanity over the course of a day. They may handle a divorce, set the bond hearing in a drug case, try to figure out a boundary dispute and then end the day by officiating a wedding in the Courthouse.

It is hard to be a good Judge under any circumstances but it really gets challenging when you know everyone in town or when your kids are pushing the envelope at school.

You are under a microscope everywhere you go, at church, the grocery store or even at high school basketball games. You are called in the middle of the night to sign warrants. You are expected to know every area of the law and do all of your own research. A good number of cases are brought by people without lawyers looking to the Judge to clean up the mess.

A good Judge is a servant of the people and works hard. A good Judge really does listen and makes sure that everyone gets their day in court. A good Judge is in control in the courtroom but rarely needs to bring down the hammer. The good Judge is a mentor to young lawyers and loves their community.

A Judge is a part of the fabric of the community, one who is fair and impartial. Where would we country lawyers be without these unsung heroes?

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