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Late Night Call

Late Night Call
If you’ve ever received a late night call, you probably know the anxious feeling that hits with the first ring of the phone. So many emotions come rushing in. Unfortunately, many of my clients have had this experience.

It was 11:39 on Saturday night. My wife and I had gone out to dinner that night. We came home, watched a little TV and went to bed early. I had been asleep about an hour when my phone rang. I scrambled out of bed and picked it up.

A former client was on the other end. She was crying. Her niece had been in a serious car accident and was just taken in for emergency surgery. She and her family had so many questions and didn’t know what to do.

“I’m coming to the hospital,” I said. As I got dressed in the dark, I told my half-asleep wife what had happened. “I’ll say a prayer for her,” my wife said as she rolled back over to go sleep. This wasn’t the first time I had gotten such a call.

At the hospital, I did my best to answer the many questions the family had. But mainly I was there as a friend, to let them know that I cared and would be there for them through it all.

I know the anxious feeling when receiving that late night call. I try to put myself into the shoes of my clients and do everything I can to just be there for them.
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