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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be some of the more devastating personal injury accidents. A pedestrian is no match for the speed and power of a motor vehicle. Many times, the driver of the vehicle will claim that the pedestrian was partially at fault for the accident. Since Florida is a comparative negligence state, each party can be held financially responsible for a percentage of the damage in a pedestrian accident, depending on the degree they were at fault. At Rebein Brother Trial Lawyers, our knowledgeable and caring team of attorneys and staff will help a pedestrian crash victim and their family navigate the many steps that need to be taken to recover compensation for their injuries. We have a network of professionals and experts that help us collect witness statements, investigate the Defendant, recreate accident scenes, and review video footage of the accident, if available.

In a pedestrian accident, if the pedestrian owns a motor vehicle and has PIP insurance, their injuries and lost wages will be covered up to $10,000. If the pedestrian does not have PIP, the at-fault driver’s PIP will cover these expenses up to $10,000. Due to the possible extreme injuries in pedestrian accidents, this insurance can be inadequate to cover all of the medical expenses. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver to help recoup for additional medical bills and for the cost of future medical treatment.

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