Rebein Brothers Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation established as the philanthropic arm of the Rebein Brothers law firm. The foundation was formed to serve as a conduit through which the law firm can provide community support while also helping improve the lives of individuals within our communities.



To support individuals and our community, through dedicated involvement, community service, and charitable giving.

We wish to provide hope and a sense of community to people who need support and assistance that goes beyond the courtroom. We believe in giving back and being involved in the communities in which we live.

While donating our time and providing financial support to community organizations is at the pinnacle of our foundation, we also strive to help individuals that need assistance to get back on their feet after unfortunate life events.


Below are a few examples of ways we have helped in our communities.

  • The RB Firm joins forces with Feed Our Children Ministries each November to donate turkeys for the annual Day of Thanks event in Tampa. The church has been blessing the Tampa community for 28 years with this awesome event to help put food on the table at Thanksgiving. The firm has been honored to be a part of the Day of Thanks for the last few years.

  • Mrs. R is on disability and has four young children. Her van spontaneously caught fire and she needs a vehicle to provide transportation and properly care for her children. We donated money to help Mrs. R purchase a safe vehicle for her family.

  • Mrs. B is a single mother of an 8-yr-old child with nephrotic syndrome. He was hospitalized in intensive care for several weeks and she was unable to work. We agreed to pay her car insurance which was about to lapse for nonpayment. We wanted to ensure she had a vehicle to transport her child to doctors appointments.

  • Mr. Paul Rebein is know as the ‘bike’ attorney in Tampa. He and the rest of the RB law firm enjoy purchasing bikes for less fortunate children in the Tampa area. At right, Paul Rebein poses with a few of the children who received bikes at Williams Park in Tampa.