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The Country Lawyer and the DMV


This Country Lawyer is not used to waiting for much of anything. Rural Kansas is not big on lines but Covid has put a bit of a kink in things. I found myself at the end of a long line to register that new motorcycle that showed up in my garage. On folding chairs six feet apart we sat. Then we played musical chairs to the elevator before graduating to musical chairs down the hall and finally to the counter.

I had time to think and my mind wandered to a new case I received. A family has lost a father in a horrific crash and a woman and her children struggle to carry on their business. I am worried about their future and how they will hold up in this case.

As I was adjusting my mask and moving to the next chair, I was greeted by an old friend. He lost his wife two years ago when she struck a steer in the road on a dark highway. His little granddaughter was horribly injured too and he slept on a couch in the children’s hospital for a week while she underwent a series of surgeries. He shook my hand (I know we aren’t supposed to but no way I would turn HIM down) and told me he was better. He works in the plants and was getting a lot of overtime. He has moved on with his life. I had done the best I could for him, but I know it wasn’t nearly enough. He always made me feel I had done a good job.

Before I knew it, I was at the counter and hocking my first born to buy tags. He waved at me from his folding chair on my way out.

The Covid has slowed things down a bit and maybe it’s not all bad. Who knew a trip to the DMV could be such a humbling experience. There are heroes among us. People are strong. They love each other. They deal with tragedy and even death. I am always honored and humbled to help in some small way.

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