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The Power of a Referral

Fake news! I had never heard that term until a few months ago. No matter your politics, it is hard these days to know what to believe about a product or a service. When it comes to lawyers, it is a real challenge to select the best lawyer for your case. Some lawyers advertise but most don’t. Are the lawyers that advertise any good? Some are great and some are not so great, but how is one to know by an advertisement? Are the lawyers that don’t advertise any good? Some are great and some not so great. In other words, advertising isn’t going to tell you a whole lot.

So how do you choose a lawyer? We get most of our cases from other lawyers or by referrals from clients and friends. Asking a person you trust to recommend a lawyer is still a good way to make a tough decision.

If you send us a friend or a client we will take a close look at their case. If we can’t help them we will try to find a lawyer who can help. We rely on our reputation to find our clients. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver and we try to shoot straight with everyone who comes through our door. We find that word of mouth referrals lead us to the best clients. If you have referred a case to us, we appreciate it more than words. If you are looking for an attorney, ask your friends. Read reviews. Use the power of a referral.

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