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The Country Lawyer Makes Peace With Zoom

We have crossed the two-year mark in the pandemic and many things are back to normal. Toilet paper is plentiful and masks go on sale around Halloween. We knew we would get through it and that’s what we told ourselves about Zoom: this too shall pass! In the early days, courthouses were closed and we conducted almost all business by Zoom. Work got done and hearings were held and it did save time and money. But then things started to deteriorate. A lack of decorum. Lawyers dressed in pajamas that had long since reached their expiration date and witnesses that said what was on their mind. Now it is apparent that Zoom will still be used in many hearings. Will we survive? Will we learn not to speak when muted?

Not to worry. Back in the dark days we conducted business by something known as a conference call. You simply dialed into the conference number, announced your presence, muted your phone and finished your soap opera or ordered another drink or worked on another case. As long as one ear was paying attention to the call, and you were fast on the mute button, no one was the wiser. Decorum. Now we are on the screen. But I have noticed that my video has often misbehaved and I have had to inform the Court that I regrettably I can only participate by audio.

Zoom & Covid. I guess they are here to stay for a while.

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