Claims for both Property Damage and Personal Injuries from an Automobile Crash in Kansas

There are two common questions after a person is hurt in an automobile crash. 1) How do I get my vehicle repaired? 2) How will my medical bills be paid for my personal injuries? It is important to understand that insurance policies and Kansas law have different rules that apply to property damage (to the
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94% of Car Accidents are a Result of Human Error

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 94% of vehicle accidents are caused by human error. While weather, poor road conditions or uncontrolled circumstances may be the most common blame of accidents, it’s actually risky driving behaviors that are attributed for the accidents. As one can imagine, cell phone use accounts for a large part
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The Power of a Referral

I think we’ve all struggled at one time or another with what to believe about a product or a service. When it comes to lawyers, it can be a real challenge to select the best lawyer for your case, especially because it’s not a service most people research or need until something has happened in
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The Country Lawyer and the Blame Game

I am a trial lawyer. My cases involve unfortuanate tragedies where a loved one has been maimed or even killed by another person. Usually, it is not difficult to figure out what happened. Someone was drunk and driving or fell asleep and crossed the road or was texting and not paying attention. It is hard
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Judges – Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

A Western Kansas Judge will see a lot of humanity over the course of a day. They may handle a divorce, set the bond hearing in a drug case, try to figure out a boundary dispute and then end the day by officiating a wedding in the Courthouse. It is hard to be a good
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