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New Sign

New Rebein Brothers Sign

We recently put a new sign out in front of our building. My brother, Tom, helped build it. It is beautiful.

It brings back memories of when I came to work for a great country lawyer, Jack Dalton. Our building was in downtown Dodge City. The building was unique, had no windows and featured a fountain made from prairie rock, surrounded by astro turf. The decor was turquoise. It was, indeed, a sight to behold.

But my fondest memory, was the door. Across the front, it read, 208 West Spruce. No sign, nothing to let you know that it was a lawyers office.

Jack Dalton did not believe in advertising. Or self-promotion of any kind. Jack was an accomplished lawyer but he was a very down to earth person. He told me that the best advertising is word of mouth. “If you are a good lawyer,” he said, “the clients will find you.”

I have not always followed his advice. Our new sign and this post is shamelessly self-promoting. But Jack’s advice has made me pause when it comes to advertising. That’s why a referral by a friend, a client or, sometimes even an adversary is the biggest compliment.

I hope you like our new sign. I like it almost as well as the door at 208 W. Spruce.

Pictured below, from top to bottom: Tom Rebein preparing the sign base. Ernie Gable putting his fine masonry skills to work. A shout out to Luminous Neon for the completed sign. Stop by 810 W. Frontview anytime to check it out and say hello!


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